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Single room ventilation

Do you always want fresh air in your room? We install intelligent single room ventilation systems with heat recovery. Our fans are very quiet and economical to run.

Single room ventilation
Improve indoor climate

Ventilate automatically without draughts

In the course of modernization, new and old buildings are becoming increasingly airtight. Without automatic ventilation, you would have to open the windows up to six times a day to ensure sufficient air exchange in the building. Otherwise, there is a regular lack of oxygen in the rooms, an accumulation of pollutants and moisture, and an increase in the risk of mold.

While in summer, you can simply leave a window tilted, in winter this leads to a waste of heating energy. However, permanently open windows can cause unpleasant drafts, and warm summer air can also increase humidity in the building. Over time, this can lead to consequential damage.

Intelligent single room ventilation systems with heat recovery automatically lead to an energy-efficient exchange of air in the room around the year without drafts and virtually noiseless. This can have a positive effect on your productivity in the home office. Compared to central ventilation systems, single room ventilators are relatively easy to install because they do not require additional piping. Contact us without obligation.

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Single room ventilation leads to a pleasant living room climate.

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Contact us without obligation. The initial consultation is free of charge. We look forward to your inquiry!

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Questions & Answers

What is single room ventilation?

Individual room ventilation systems are closed systems for the ventilation of individual rooms, such as kitchens, bathrooms, WCs and living rooms, bedrooms or commercial premises. They are usually tubular and are installed in the outer wall. This usually requires a core drilling.

What does a single room ventilation system cost? installs single room ventilation systems starting from approx. 2'200. The effective price depends on the effort for the installation, the type of fan and the duration of the journey. Contact us without obligation for an individual offer.

What are the advantages of decentralized ventilation?

Individual room ventilation systems do not require ventilation pipes, which considerably simplifies installation and at the same time minimizes maintenance costs. The practical ventilators can be installed anywhere in the exterior wall and, thanks to integrated heat recovery, provide energy-efficient living space ventilation all year round.

Why a single room fan from has specialized in the dehumidification of buildings since 2010. We often use intelligent fans to supplement and accelerate wall dehumidification and know how the devices can be used optimally. In addition to electric fans, we also offer ecological Solar vents. Take a look at our References.

How much does single room ventilation cost in Switzerland? offers single room ventilation systems in the Bern area from CHF 2'200 (incl. installation).

On what factors do the costs of single room ventilation depend?

The price for individual room ventilation incl. installation varies in each individual case depending on the following factors: Type of ventilation, effort for installation and duration of the journey. Ask us without obligation.

What are the electricity costs of single room ventilation?

The annual electricity costs for individual room ventilation are around CHF 25. Our intelligent ventilation units have multi-stage adjustable operation and a maximum power consumption of 6 watts.

How does single room ventilation affect heating costs?

Thanks to the integrated heat recovery 80 % of energy can be recovered. Therefore, individual room ventilation does not have a noticeable impact on heating costs.

How does single room ventilation work?

The fan supplies the room with fresh filtered air on the one hand, and leads humid and stale air outside on the other. The control is fully automatic, but can be adjusted manually at any time.

What can the fan do?

The single room fan can ventilate bidirectionally, dehumidify fresh air as well as transfer the heat of the exhaust air to the fresh air (heat recovery). In addition to humidity control, the unit can also be controlled depending on the carbon dioxide level in the room with an additional sensor.

How loud is the fan during operation?

The single room fans produce a noise of at least 27 dB(A) at maximum power. This is about as loud as your own breathing noise.

How to control the fan?

Our single room fans basically control themselves via the humidity sensors. Furthermore, you can also control the device with additional sensors depending on the carbon dioxide level in the room. Of course, you can always influence the operation of the device with a remote control.

Why single room ventilation?

New buildings and renovated old buildings are becoming increasingly airtight. This consumes significantly less energy - but without ventilation, air exchange is no longer sufficiently guaranteed. This leads to a lack of oxygen and the accumulation of pollutants and sometimes also moisture in the room. Individual room ventilation with heat recovery creates a pleasant room climate via automatic ventilation and prevents consequential damage such as mold growth.

Where does the use of single room ventilation make sense?

Individual room ventilation systems make sense above all in inadequately ventilated rooms with high levels of moisture. These include, in particular, kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. In principle, however, an individual room ventilator is useful in any room in which people spend a long time. For example, in bedrooms, living rooms or in the study (home office).

Can the fan control the level of carbon dioxide in the room?

Yes, special sensors can be used to measure the carbon dioxide content in the air. This is especially convenient in study rooms, during home office or in the living room when you have guests over.

What should be considered regarding the installation of single room ventilation?

As part of the installation, we need to get to the location of the ventilation both from the inside and from the outside. Depending on the floor and the local conditions, a lifting platform may be required for this.

What is the procedure for installing single room ventilation?

After the on-site consultation, we will prepare an offer for you. If you accept it, we will install the individual room ventilation on your premises. For this purpose, we usually need to make a core drilling through the outer wall of your house. Sometimes we need a lifting platform to access the ventilation opening from the outside. After installing the ventilation, we familiarize you with the control system.

How long does it take to install the fan?

Normally, the installation of individual room ventilation takes about half a day to a whole day.

Does the installation of single room ventilation create noise or dirt in the house?

If core drilling is required, noise will be generated in the house for about 1 hour. In addition, drilling the fasteners for the fan causes noise. Dirt, on the other hand, should hardly occur, because we work very clean.

What is the approximate service life of a single room ventilation system?

The fans have a warranty of 2 years. Replacing a fan is relatively easy compared to installing it. The included filters should be changed every 2 - 3 years.