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Let us provide you with an independent building assessment. As building experts and civil engineers as well as building biologists and energy consultants, we determine the causes of building damage with detective flair.

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Damage to the building, such as damp walls and their consequences, can become a dispute or even a legal case. For example, if the damage threatens to reduce the value of the building fabric, or if mold develops, causing health problems. In such cases, it is good to be able to call on the services of an independent construction damage expert who can provide a professional expert opinion. As building experts and building surveyors, as well as building biologists and energy consultants with many years of experience, we prepare expert and professional building reports. In addition to appraisals and expert reports, we do construction and energy consultations.

Our construction experts analyze the cause of your building damage and determine the damage potential. The construction expertise can help to clarify important questions, such as: Is the damage due to structural defects or incorrect behavior on the part of the building's occupants? Along with the clarification of these and similar questions, we prepare private expert opinions (party expert opinions) or construction expert opinions for insurance companies and courts. Our valued clients include both owners and administrations. Contact us without obligation.

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Object of a building survey: basement room with damp sandstone walls and sandstone vaults

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Do you have any other questions? As a matter of principle, we also prepare building appraisals without a prior quotation. In this case, our cost estimates count, which you will find below.

Contact us without obligation. The initial consultation is free of charge. We look forward to your inquiry!

Contact us without obligation. The initial consultation is free of charge. We look forward to your inquiry!

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Questions & Answers

What does a building survey cost?

Building appraisals usually cost between CHF 1,000 - 1,500. A detailed listing of our expenses and approaches can be found under the cost overview below.

How long does a building survey take?

The preparation of a building survey takes about one day. We try to implement building surveys within two weeks of receiving the order. Let us know if it is urgent. Request now without obligation '

What building surveys do you offer?

We have been doing condition and damage assessments since 2010. In addition we carry out Humidity measurements and mold analyses and prepare specific moisture and mold analyses. Mold expertise.

What construction expertise do you have?

Our building experts are experienced civil engineers and building biologists. Since 2010, we have been performing electrophysical wall dehumidification throughout Switzerland using the DRYMAT® system, which is recognized by building science. When using this method professionally, a thorough analysis of the cause of the dampness must be carried out initially. Accordingly, we have many years of experience in the analysis and mitigation of moisture problems.

What does a building survey cost?

The costs for a building survey usually amount to CHF 1'000 - 1'500 with approximately one full day of work. Further below you will find a detailed listing of our approaches.

What factors does the price depend on?

The cost of a building survey depends on the following factors: Size and complexity of the object under investigation; scope and complexity of the question; methods, equipment and materials used; administrative effort; length of the journey. To the detailed cost overview '

What services are included in the cost?

The services depend in each case on the individual requirements and the objective of the expert opinion. In any case, we first make an on-site investigation with various measurements on the object, secondly give a detailed assessment regarding the issue, with suggestions for remedying the damage and thirdly create a documentation of the results including photos.

Who pays the costs of the building survey?

Irrespective of whether damage or defects are detected, building surveys must be paid for by the client during the construction phase. In the case of construction reports on completed buildings, the purpose of the report is decisive in determining who has to pay for it. In court, it may depend on the outcome of the legal proceedings who has to pay for the expert opinion in the end.

How does a building survey work?

After discussing the objectives and purpose of the expert opinion, a joint inspection of the building usually takes place. During or after this inspection, we carry out examinations or measurements, document the condition of the building structure and any defects or damage, and finally prepare a written expert opinion with recommendations and a cost estimate. Subsequently, we present the results to you and hand over the written expert opinion.

How long does a building survey take?

The effort for a building survey amounts to approximately one whole day. If possible, we try to complete the survey within 2 weeks after receipt of the order. Let us know if it is urgent and we will see what we can do.

Who prepares the building survey?

The building report is prepared by our experienced civil engineers, energy consultants or building biologists as required. We have been doing building appraisals throughout Switzerland since 2010.

Do you do building surveys all over Switzerland?

Yes, we offer both construction surveys and electrophysical dehumidification of walls throughout Switzerland. In many cases, the combination of both services makes sense.

What is the purpose of a building survey?

Construction appraisals are detailed examinations of structures to determine their condition and any defects. Occasions for the preparation of a construction expertise are, for example, the purchase or sale of a property, damage claims, planned conversions, legal proceedings or insurance claims.

What building surveys do you offer?

For more than 10 years, we have been preparing condition and damage reports in general and moisture and mold reports in particular.

What information do you need for the building survey?

Basically, we first need at least the specification of the building as well as the objective and purpose of the expert opinion: "For our single-family house at Parkstrasse 13 in 3113 Rubigen, we would like to have an expert opinion on the condition of the building fabric with a focus on moisture and radon contamination before the planned expansion of the basement rooms". We will contact you afterwards with any further questions. An inspection of the building is also necessary.

What is included in the building report?

The contents of the building report vary depending on the specific objectives and purpose of the report. The building report basically contains general specifications of the building, an assessment of the condition of the building fabric, documentation of any defects or damage (incl. photos), recommendations regarding renovation measures (incl. cost estimate) and a conclusion.

What expertise do we have?

Our experts are experienced structural engineers and building biologists. Since 2010, we have been performing electrophysical wall dehumidification throughout Switzerland. For the correct application of this procedure, a thorough analysis of the cause of the dampness is essential. For this reason, we are specialized in the assessment of moisture problems.

What procedures do we use for construction appraisals?

The methods used depend on the objectives of the building survey. For moisture measurements, for example, we work with the capacitive measurement method and, in addition, with measurements of temperature. Contact us without obligation if you have further questions in this regard.

How many construction appraisals have we already completed?

Since 2010, we have already provided more than 100 construction surveys. We are specialized in electrophysical dehumidification of buildings. In order to guarantee the results of this procedure, it is mandatory that we make a thorough analysis of the cause of moisture in every building.

Why a building appraisal from

We are an owner-managed Swiss company specializing in the Dehumidification of buildings. Thanks to this specialization, we have many years of experience in providing expert opinions on the condition of buildings, defects and damage, Humidity- and Mold expertise in terms of. In case of moisture problems, we can offer you not only the analysis but also the optimal solution.

About the cost of the building survey

Overview of the tariffs to fold out

Unless otherwise agreed between the client and GmbH, the following rates (amounts in CHF), tariffs (excl. VAT) apply:
Building surveyor / civil engineer for expert services = CHF 125.00 - 250.00
Expert / Assistant for expert activities = CHF 120.00
Administration / Office for administrative activities = CHF 95.00

For our activities, the building surveyor tariff applies, which is determined according to the complexity of the activity. Administrative costs and/or additional expenses may be incurred. We ask you to take this into account.

Third party costs (excl. VAT):
Third-party costs incurred for orders placed with third parties on behalf of the client will be charged with a surcharge of 8% for administration, archiving and coordination expenses.

Travel expenses (excl. VAT):
Mileage allowance: CHF 1.10 per km
Travel time compensation: CHF 2.00 per min

Charges are calculated on the basis of data from Internet information portals and according to the number of trips made and are exclusive of 7.7% VAT. Driving time is rounded up to the nearest 5 minutes. No actual driving time is measured.

Equipment compensation (excl. VAT):
Measurements on site: CHF 25.00 to 50.00 per measuring device and use
Periodic measurements: CHF 6.00 per device and per day

Printing costs (excl. VAT):
External orders to print shop: Printing costs are passed on with a surcharge of 5 %.
Internal print jobs: CHF 0.80 per page black white A4, CHF 1.40 per page color A4
CHF 5.00 to 8.00 for binding (depending on system)

An archive copy of the created documents is charged in each case. This serves the archiving obligation as well as the granting that copies of the created documents can be created.

Small material (excl. VAT):
Material costs may be incurred for on-site assessments. This is the case, for example, for test openings, examinations and minor work on site. In this case, the case-specific materials are charged.

Costs for invoicing, telephone calls and copying costs (excl. VAT):
Flat rates of CHF 10.00 per invoicing.

Value added tax: All of the above rates are exclusive of statutory value added tax.

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