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Would you like to regulate the humidity in your basement? We install intelligent basement ventilation systems with integrated heat recovery. Our devices are very economical and almost silent.

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Improve indoor climate in the basement

Automatic basement ventilation

In damp cellars, there is often a musty smell and mold. Persistent moisture can cause lasting damage to the fabric of the building and lead to a reduction in the value of the property. Passive ventilation via cellar windows, however, is not able to regulate the moisture in a targeted manner and can lead to increased heating costs in winter.

According to a study by SwissEnergy (Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE), moisture-controlled basement ventilation systems are the optimal solution because they consume little energy and reduce the risk of mold to virtually zero [1.]. In addition, they lead to a noticeable improvement in the indoor climate via increased air circulation. This can itself have positive effects on the floors above.

We analyze the moisture in your basement, install intelligent basement ventilation and install electrophysical wall dehumidification if required. Our ventilators can ventilate in both directions and, in addition to humidity sensors, have integrated heat recovery. Contact us without obligation.

⇓ Leaflet «Conditioning of basements in residential buildings» from the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE (German)

⇓ Leaflet "Ventilation of basement rooms" of the Swiss Building Services Association (German)

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Automatic ventilation of a musty basement room is able to significantly improve the indoor climate

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Contact us without obligation. The initial consultation is free of charge. We look forward to your inquiry!

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Questions & Answers

What is the cost of basement ventilation?

We install basement ventilation in the canton of Bern from CHF 2'200. The effective price depends on the following factors: Type of ventilation, size of the cellar, complexity of the installation, duration of the journey. In combination with electrophysical basement dehumidification, we install basement ventilation throughout Switzerland. Ask us without obligation.

What are the advantages of basement ventilation?

The benefits of basement ventilation include moisture control, mold prevention, building fabric protection, indoor air quality improvement, energy savings, improved indoor environment, and radon protection.

How does basement ventilation work?

Intelligent basement ventilation can ventilate in both directions. Via the humidity sensors, the ventilation unit controls itself independently for effective humidity reduction in the basement room. An integrated filter prevents pollen or other pollutants from entering the basement. In addition, integrated heat recovery ensures that energy-saving ventilation is possible.

Why a cellar ventilation from is specialized in dehumidification of buildings since 2010. We advise you competently on the systems that make sense in your case and ensure professional installation. With us you are in good hands.

How much does basement ventilation cost in Switzerland? sells cellar ventilation systems from CHF 2'200 (incl. installation). For orders concerning electrophysical wall dehumidification with the DRYMAT® system, we install cellar vents throughout Switzerland.

What are the factors on which the cost of basement ventilation depends?

The effective price of basement ventilation depends on the type of ventilation, the size of the basement, the complexity of the installation, as well as the duration of the journey. Ask us without obligation.

What are the electricity costs of basement ventilation?

The estimated annual electricity cost for a basement ventilation is CHF 25. Our smart basement vents are multi-stage adjustable and have a maximum power of less than 6 watts.

How does basement ventilation affect heating costs?

Our basement ventilation come with integrated heat recovery. This means that during the ventilation process 80 % of heat is recovered. Therefore, compared to manual window ventilation, basement ventilation saves you a lot of energy. Either way, a newly installed basement ventilation has hardly any noticeable negative effect on heating costs.

How does basement ventilation work?

Smart basement vents provide bi-directional ventilation with humidity or time control for effective moisture reduction. A filter prevents the ingress of pollutants. Integrated heat recovery enables energy-efficient ventilation in cool seasons.

How loud is a basement ventilation system in operation?

Our modern basement vents are twice as quiet as they need to be according to the standard to be allowed to install them in the bedroom 23 dB (A).

What to consider when installing basement ventilation?

The complexity of the installation forms a cost-driving factor: For example, the installation is significantly more complex if we have to install the fan with a lifting platform.

How is the basement ventilation controlled?

Our intelligent ventilation units basically control themselves via humidity or time control. In addition, you can also operate the basement ventilation via remote control.

Where does the use of basement ventilation make sense?

Cellar ventilation is particularly useful if there is high humidity in the cellar or if people regularly spend time in the cellar rooms. Basement ventilation has a noticeable positive effect on the indoor climate.

How does the installation of basement ventilation?

After inspecting the object, we determine together which ventilation unit is best suited to the conditions on site, how large it should be and where and how you want to install it. Then we install the device, test it and give you an introduction to the device regarding the operation and maintenance.

How long does it take to install a basement infill?

Installation of basement ventilation usually takes a day.

What is the service life of the basement ventilation?

The basement ventilation has a warranty of 2 years. However, with proper maintenance, the unit should last at least 10 years.

R. S. from Montreux says:

«The house stayed completely dry, no more wet floors, no more damp walls! We recommend DRYMAT®, the electrophysical system for wall dehumidification, with full conviction!» ➝ other references

Simple and fast installed fan

MEA fan

The effort required to install a ventilation system in the basement, for example, is modest. The easiest way is to install it in an existing window or ventilation shaft (plug-and-play principle). Otherwise, a core drilling is required - also no witchcraft. Only an underground installation including core drilling requires additional digging work. The basement fan only requires a socket with household electricity.

The fan in the basement or apartment is equipped with a humidity meter (hygrostat) or timer. The humidity meter can be adjusted continuously. In the apartment, basement or garage, the humidity can be adjusted by dehumidification to a preset value between 40-90% humidity. However, optimally it is set to 50-60% for a room in the basement.

Depending on the optimal solution, a fan is installed in the basement or in the apartment, which alternately ventilates in and out or only out. In the process, the built-in ceramic element recovers the heat. The fans can also be linked together via radio. Then the intelligent fans ventilate in combination. This creates a draft in the room / basement.

In all cases, the fans ventilate their cellar completely independently, so that the user has no control effort for air exchange. So you always have fresh and dry air and musty, musty odors or moisture damage do not form in the first place.

Our warranty service

For our ventilation systems for air dehumidification and fresh, dry air, we provide a 2-year warranty in accordance with the electrical appliance standard applicable in Switzerland and the EU.