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Would you like to have mold assessed by a specialist? We make mold analyses and expertises in the whole of Switzerland. In addition, we offer professional mold remediation.

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According to the Federal Office of Public Health, mold occurs in nearly every fourth household.[1.] Mold poses a particular risk to the health of people living in the affected building and can cause lasting damage to the fabric of the building. We inspect your mold infestation, advise you on site or prepare an expert opinion for you, which you can also use in court if necessary.

As part of the mold inspection, we measure room temperature, humidity, the moisture of the building fabric of walls, ceilings and floors, as well as the surface temperatures of the building components. Based on the moisture measurements and temperature distribution, we can isolate the cause of mold. Where appropriate, we take mold samples for laboratory analysis.

In addition to mold assessment, we offer professional mold remediation, eliminating the cause of moisture with intelligent ventilation or electrophysical dehumidification. Contact us without obligation.

⇓ Brochure «Mold in Living Accommodation» of the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH [2.]

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Musty basement room as an exemplary object for a mold inspection

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Contact us without obligation

Do you have any further questions? As a matter of principle, we also perform mold analyses without a prior offer.

Contact us without obligation. The initial consultation is free of charge. We look forward to your inquiry!

Contact us without obligation. The initial consultation is free of charge. We look forward to your inquiry!

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Managing Director

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Questions & Answers

How much does a mold assessment cost?

We distinguish the on-site mold analysis with a verbal consultation from the mold analysis with a written expert opinion: The former costs about CHF 300 - 500 while a written expert opinion costs between CHF 1,000 and 1,500. We also do mold analyses without a prior quote. If nothing else is agreed, the specified tariffs.

How long does a mold inspection take?

On-site mold inspection with verbal consultation takes about 2 to 4 hours; mold inspection with written report takes about one day. The completion of the order normally takes no longer than two weeks.

What does the mold appraiser do?

The mold expert inspects the mold infestation on site to find out whether mold is present at all, how extensive the damage is and to what causes the mold can be attributed. Subsequently, the mold expert prepares a written report with the results, recommendations for action and a cost estimate.

What is our expertise in mold?

We have been specializing in solving moisture problems in buildings since 2010. As part of this activity, we often assess damp building fabric or mold infestation and get to the bottom of the cause of moisture. Our mold experts are civil engineers and building biologists with many years of experience.

Who is

We are an owner-managed Swiss company and offer services in the field of dehumidification of buildings since 2010. Our offer includes, in addition to construction expertise, electrophysical dehumidification, mold remediation, basement ventilation, solar ventilation, solar heating and base heating.

R. S. from Montreux says:

«The installed DRYMAT® system masters the difficult task. Within a very short time, the humidity has reduced to a normal level (50%-60%) and the air quality in the heating and basement is unrecognizable. No more musty smell, no more mold!» ➝ other references

The cost of mold assessment

Overview of the tariffs to fold out

Unless otherwise agreed between the client and GmbH, the following rates (amounts in CHF), tariffs (excl. VAT) apply:
Building surveyor / civil engineer for expert services = CHF 125.00 - 250.00
Expert / Assistant for expert activities = CHF 120.00
Administration / Office for administrative activities = CHF 95.00

For our activities, the building surveyor tariff applies, which is determined according to the complexity of the activity. Administrative costs and/or additional expenses may be incurred. We ask you to take this into account.

Third party costs (excl. VAT):
Third-party costs incurred for orders placed with third parties on behalf of the client will be charged with a surcharge of 8% for administration, archiving and coordination expenses.

Travel expenses (excl. VAT):
Mileage allowance: CHF 1.10 per km
Travel time compensation: CHF 2.00 per min

Charges are calculated on the basis of data from Internet information portals and according to the number of trips made and are exclusive of 7.7% VAT. Driving time is rounded up to the nearest 5 minutes. No actual driving time is measured.

Equipment compensation (excl. VAT):
Measurements on site: CHF 25.00 to 50.00 per measuring device and use
Periodic measurements: CHF 6.00 per device and per day

Printing costs (excl. VAT):
External orders to print shop: Printing costs are passed on with a surcharge of 5 %.
Internal print jobs: CHF 0.80 per page black white A4, CHF 1.40 per page color A4
CHF 5.00 to 8.00 for binding (depending on system)

An archive copy of the created documents is charged in each case. This serves the archiving obligation as well as the granting that copies of the created documents can be created.

Small material (excl. VAT):
Material costs may be incurred for on-site assessments. This is the case, for example, for test openings, examinations and minor work on site. In this case, the case-specific materials are charged.

Costs for invoicing, telephone calls and copying costs (excl. VAT):
Flat rates of CHF 10.00 per invoicing.

Value added tax: All of the above rates are exclusive of statutory value added tax.