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The DRYMAT® drying system

DRYMAT® dries the building fabric down to the cellar floor, even with high moisture loads - scientifically recognized and ÖNORM tested.

DRYMAT® system

Dehumidification of buildings

The DRYMAT® system is a proven electrophysical drying method. offers this system exclusively in Switzerland with its extended function. Dhat means that, especially in the case of high moisture loads, we work in addition to the Control unit with electrodes made of titanium, which are inserted into the masonry.

All components of the extended function are made of corrosion-resistant titanium and thus designed for decades of application safety. This procedure is recognized by building science (in accordance with ÖNORM 3355-2), highly effective and risk-free for people and building fabric and suitable for listed buildings.

Exemplary application for the DRYMAT® system: electrophysical drying down to the basement floor.


The advantages at a glance

Reverse polarity eliminated Humidity

Due to the capillary suction stress, an excess of soil moisture can rise in walls or partitions, causing them to suffer damage. The DRYMAT® system counteracts these suction forces with the functional extension.

The plus or minus polarized electrodes embedded in the wall have an effect. This actively prevents the moisture from rising. Result: The wall slowly but steadily becomes dry - and stays that way.

How does the DRYMAT® system dry damp walls?

Unobtrusive system, striking drying performance

Installation of the Drymat system

Our complete DRYMAT® system with function extension consists of a control unit and the extension components (electrodes, screws, cables) made of titanium. The control unit is mounted on the wall and connected to the power supply (230 V). The installation of the extension is connected with few drilling and slitting works in the masonry. After applying the electrodes and laying the cables, the wall is plastered so that nothing is visible except the control unit.

The DRYMAT® plant is adjusted to the respective conditions and requirements. On request, we periodically monitor the drying process and readjust if necessary. Upon request, our customers are periodically and precisely informed about the moisture reduction in the building structure. The installation in an average sized EFH takes 3 to 5 working days.


It works - guaranteed

DRYMAT® works according to recognized scientific principles, which are laid down in ÖNORM 3355-2. This standard is binding throughout Europe under EU law. DRYMAT® is also certified according to EurAS Cert ISO 9001.

State-of-the-art technology is used in the DRYMAT® control unit. Each individual assembly is manufactured to the highest DIN quality level. This is why we offer a 10-year guarantee on the installed DRYMAT® system in Switzerland.

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